Having a Personalized Travel Guide prepared by 1001 Trips


You love to travel but do not have time or patience to plan your trips? Or you have time but you don’t know how to start it? How about making the itinerary of your trip with who better understand about it, us?

Those who follow us here and on the social networks know that we travel all year long evaluating the best local places to visit, the best hotels to stay and the best restaurants to enjoy, count on our tips beyond the blog and make your trip an unforgettable tale.

No, we are not a travel agency, but we can assemble your package and develop a fully customized travel guide to you considering what you like, your pocket and your style.

We sent in PDF to your e-mail and you’ll be able to use everyday during your trip, providing safety and convenience to you. It is a guide that will serve only to you and we also make monitoring by what’s app throughout the trip.

We have expertise in luxury travel, gastronomic trips, with sports, with family, honeymoon, travel to the Middle East, Europe, Central America, South and domestic travel too, of course!

What are you waiting for? Let’s travel!

To get a quote, send the following data to our e-mail contato@mileumaviagens.com.br:


1) When are you traveling

2) What is the period

3) If you’re traveling alone, accompanied, with family or friends

4) If you have already set the destination, tell us where or we can help you in this choice too!

We elaborate the guide daily, with the best days and times for each tour and we also make hotel reservations, rent cars and hire health insurance, all in accordance with the profile and the will of the traveler.



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